Investment Solutions

With blockchain technology, it presents bold opportunities to invest. Built on FVI’s vision to make investing in digital currency the future of tomorrow, the FVI Crypto Fund was establish to capture the high growth investment potential of digital currencies and enable a financially inclusive platform to be made accessible to all kinds of investors.

FVI Crypto Fund is the privately developed and established fund of Finantech Vastgoed Investering. The FVI Crypto Fund was launched in November 2016, and capital is primarily raised through the issuance of contracts invested in this fund. The underlying assets of the FVI Crypto Fund is comprised of Cryptocurrency investments and Initial Coin Offerings. Since inception, the fund has delivered stellar returns and outperformance of similar peer cryptocurrency funds in the market, generating 456% returns on investment for FVI.

The notable cryptocurrencies that the FVI Fund invests in and derives its value from is primarily Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum related asset. The FV Fund’s current ICO holdings are comprised of Bancor, Sonm, Synereo, Waves, Tenx, Aternity, Status, Civic and Iconomi ICO investments.

Why FVI?

  • FVI has a comprehensive and global investment coverage of Blockchain investments. By investing in FVI’s Crypto Fund, our investors are gaining a diversified access to a wide spectrum of Blockchain investments.
  • FVI is supported and backed by a team of highly experienced cryptocurrency, blockchain experts and trading community.
  • Investments that provide assurance and peace of mind, when your capital is invested with FVI to tap on the potential of this rapidly expanding and growing investment asset class.
  • The world’s first crypto-blockchain investment platform for you to grow and enhance your wealth.

"Cryptocurrencies have the potential to radically transform our concepts of money, store of value, and the means by which assets are exchanged the world over. This is particularly so for Ethereum.”

~ Craig Harris, CEO of FVI